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Our learning environments are carefully arranged to reflect the children’s interests and to cultivate independence, interdependence and positive self-image.  Our classrooms nurture an unbiased atmosphere where children and parents are encouraged to challenge their individual traditions and beliefs in order to see society through a lens that celebrates diversity of thought and culture.

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Little Miracles

Ages: 2.5 - 5 Years Old

For active learners, Preschool is a crucial stop on the journey toward elementary school and future academic success. Active, hands-on early childhood learning experiences guide children’s development in key school readiness skills.


Our Preschool program is centered on:

Building independence

Collaboration and communication skills

Hands-on learning

Literacy and number concepts

Big Miracles

Ages:  6 - 13 Years Old (Summer Camp)

Summers are always packed with excitement, discovery, and adventure here at our Village. Each summer our Big Miracles explore themes through hands-on projects and daily activities. 


Book a consultation to learn about how our 1-on-1 tutoring sessions will provide your young scholar with an individualized learning experience that will help them overcome learning obstacles and ignite confidence towards learning needed to achieve their academic success.

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